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olekoop bonked 17 May 2024 10:32 +0000
original: benjojo@benjojo.co.uk

Ha! The Discord GDPR/Data Export thing reveals that it's running models to figure out what gender you are. If you go to /activity/analytics/events-*.json and grep for predicted_gender you get something like:

  "user_id": "282657081457115136",
  "predicted_gender": "male",
  "probability": 0.8413839340209961,
  "prob_male": 0.8413839340209961,
  "prob_female": 0.11650349199771881,
  "prob_non_binary_gender_expansive": 0.04211260750889778,
  "model_version": "2024-05-08T00:00:00.000000Z",
  "day_pt": "2024-05-15 00:00:00 UTC"

Anyway, they seem to have this datapoint _over time_! Meaning you can make a graph of how male/female/NB you are according to discord, here is mine:

A graph showing various levels of "prob_male" (the highest over all time) from 2022 to 2024

olekoop bonked 17 May 2024 10:01 +0000
original: EUCommission@ec.social-network.europa.eu

Our commitment to the fediverse is here to stay.

Today, we launched our new Mastodon instance. It will ensure a privacy-focused space to engage with and get the latest from our Commissioners, departments, and the official voices of the Commission.

We want to thank @Mastodon for stewarding us and helping us make this possible.

Fostering European digital players is vital to our strategy for a stronger #DigitalEU.

This is a unique opportunity to grow the community even more. Let's get there!

A visual with the logo of the Commission and the logo of Mastodon linked by a blue heart.

olekoop bonked 13 May 2024 08:31 +0000
original: nicemicro@fosstodon.org

In the latest @TechOverTeaShow podcast, @BrodieOnLinux and @Conan_Kudo discuss a very important thing about distributing software with non-free licenses, which most people need to understand.

Legally, you might be required to show users the EULA, and might have other conditions on how to redistribute software at all. Skipping these steps "for user convenience" might be breaking the license and give you legal trouble.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #Linux